Area Overview

Point to the centre of a map of Alberta and you're pointing at Athabasca Country - "Land of the Whispering Hills" - a land with a rich past, an exciting present, and a promising future.

Come to Athabasca Country for unspoiled lakes and rivers, experience a part of Alberta's past, and find a community with a fine blend of activities, facilities, and friendliness. Athabasca is nestled among the hills along a bend in the Athabasca River, which flows northeast from its source high in the Rocky Mountains to Lake Athabasca.

Athabasca comes from the Cree Indian word "Athapaskan", the name the Cree gave to Indians living around Lake Athabasca. Athapaskan refers to the lake and might mean "where there are reeds" or "meeting place of many waters". First named Athabasca Landing by the Hudson's Bay Company, the town's name was shortened to Athabasca in 1913.