Fox Creek

Area Overview

The New Town of Fox Creek was founded on July 19, 1967 and became the Town of Fox Creek in 1983. It is located approximately 240 km [150 miles] northwest of Edmonton on Highway 43, which links central Alberta with the MacKenzie and Alaska Highway systems in the northwest part of the province.

Fox Creek is known to Albertans as a good place to raise a family. In addition to available urban amenities, town residents are quite outdoor-oriented and enjoy many recreational benefits associated with area lakes, streams and forests. Popular activities in the area are hunting, fishing in the nearby lakes and streams, camping and snowmobiling.

Along with our municipal RV Park, located near the downtown, the Town of Fox Creek maintains a campground at Iosegun Lake [11 km north of the town] and Smoke Lake [8 km south of the town].

There are snowmobile trails surrounding the community, at Iosegun Lake as well as "The Golden Triangle." This Golden Triangle is a network of clearly marked snowmobile trails which link Fox Creek, Swan Hills and Whitecourt.