Area Overview

The Town of Mayerthorpe is a town of 1 570 people in northwest Alberta. It is strategically located at the crossroads of Highway 22, The Cowboy Trail and Highway 43, the route to Alaska and is only 75 minutes from Edmonton, 3 hours from Jasper and 30 minutes from Whitecourt.

Mayerthorpe has a full range of modern services, including a 25-bed hospital and 30-bed auxiliary wing, excellent education system with a recently added outreach school, and a wide range of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. This has given rise to the town's motto, "Everybody's Community".

Agriculture has provided a strong economic base for the community. A number of entrepreneurial firms have chosen Mayerthorpe as their base, and several agri-business opportunities are still available. Mayerthorpe is a good base to locate your business, your industry or your family.