Swan Hills

Area Overview

Native legend describes giant swans whose thundering wings can often be heard in the hilly forested terrain in west-central Alberta. The steep hills, dense forest and muskeg were deterrents to homesteaders; leaving the Swan Hills to the animals and the occasional trapper. The Swan Hills was an area that remained in isolation until the discovery of oil.

The Town of Swan Hills was named after the area in which it is found. The Town of Swan Hills was incorporated in 1967: approximately 10 years after oil deposits were first discovered. The town site was intended to serve the surrounding industry activity and today continues to thrive in the predominantly resource-based economy. Business activity reflects the economy with a number of service-to-industry companies. The downtown sector is active with retail, hospitality and financial services. Its unique setting on a hillside almost 4000 feet high, adds an extra feature to doing business in "the Hills".